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Move Lotus Notes to Office 365 with Security

One of the reasons for quitting Lotus Notes is that it is pre-internet technology- client server based which is almost going to extinct  because this legacy application built over many year ago. With this platform it was difficult to connect with their client and employees which are away from their premises are or cannot connect to Lotus Notes. With Lotus Notes it is hard to generate a common understanding while working from remote vicinity as client server architecture is only suitable for on-premises data exchange. To overcome these issues many companies are moving from Lotus notes to Office 365. They wanted solution that moves employers’ on-premise data in a better way to Microsoft Office 365 cloud environment.

How to Carry Out Secure Migration from Lotus Notes to Office 365
Fortunately, the solution for safe and profitable migration is here, experience noticeable results using this app within some simple steps. Using this app neglect all trouble to reach heavenly cloud based environment. This updated information swapping medium migrate data without halts and break. Move Lotus Notes to Office 365 app helps in switching data from on-premises to Microsoft’s cloud based collaboration and communication service. Send sheer size of legacy Lotus Notes data with millions of messages into Office 365 user accounts. For transferring data with security use this app that move the entire content of lotus notes to Office 365 accounts.

What User Experience in Move
  • Pre migration assessment: that will ensure the correct working of the product by using the demo version of the product analyze the result by migrating Lotus Notes data.
  • Complete Whole Migration: Migrate complete data in Office 365 user account in one click.
  • Organize Move: Full control over the migration process of NSF data into Office 365 accounts.
  • No Technical Knowledge is Required: No training is required to operate app it can be easily understand by the novice user.
  • Large Scale Migration: Send large-scale data almost enterprise big via app without any mishap.
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